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At Stetco Medical we take a simple approach to our EKG and Stress test equipment.  We have provided a few strong choices in these equipment categories.  We do not want to confuse our customers. We have agreements in place to see what we feel are the premier offerings in the industry.  This will allow us to meet our commitment to our customers as well as the vendors that supply us.  The companies that we have chosen to promote areMortara-Burdick, andGE Healthcare.

TheMortara-Burdick ELI 280™is a premium product for the Cardiologist in the office as well as hospital setting.

TheMortara-Burdick ELI 280™is a 12 lead flag ship product.  It represents advancement in both heart beat presentation as well as the latest in connectivity and long term storage options. Its 10 inch color touch screen monitor presents both ease of use and high visibility for the user.  The wireless option allows no restrictions in placement anywhere in the office setting.  The trade markVeritas Best 10 beat technologyreduces the need to go back and repeat an exam. 

The Custom Cart option self contains both the EKG and Printer in a very ergonomic setting.  Exam Storage of up to 250 patients along with EMR andDicomcompatibility allows complete office interface.   

TheMortara-Burdick Eli 250™is the "mini me" to theMortara-Burdick ELI 280™.  It is perfect for the Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Urgent Care Clinic and specialists like Surgeons and EMT physicians.  TheMortara-Burdick Eli 250™has a 4 inch color monitor as opposed to 10 inch on theMortara-Burdick ELI 280™.  It also stores up to 40 patient exams.  However, it does not possess theVeritas Best 10 beat technology.TheMortara-Burdick Eli 250™has both an outlet and wireless option.   It runs about ½ the cost of theMortara-Burdick ELI 280™while still being feature rich. 

TheGE Mac 1200™has been the gold standard in EKG products for the last decade. It provides the very best in connectivity and storage options. The Marquette Algorithm™has been the gold standard for both hospitals and research initiations like the Mayo and Cleveland Clinic. It is the standard in more hospitals than all the other products combined. It more expensive but very high quality. The GE Mac 2000 was introduced in 2016.

The Welch Allen CP 200 is the perfect system for the Family Practice or Urgent Care. Simple to use and efficient the price point on a refurbished unit is extremely competitive in comparison to the Burdkic and GE lines.

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