Treadmill Stress Testing

Stetco takes a simplistic approach to Stress Testing Equipment, with a slight look to the future.  We are authorized sellers of Quinton and Mortara Instruments. We also have a relationship with a solid remanufacturer that offers a top flight product and service support. 

TheGE Case™System along with theT2100™treadmill has been our most successful product in this category.  It is clearly the market leader by units sold, and always been a forward looking product.

The famed
Marquette Algorithm™is the gold standard for heart beat analysis. It has evolved into a Windows based system.  The advantage to a PC base system centers around ease of use, fast reporting and patient storage and EMR adaptability.

T-2100™treadmill can hold up to a 350 pound patient with no reduction of speed or performance.   The average case system will perform flawlessly for up to 15 to 20 years.  Our supply partner can remanufacture equipment and supplies as well as offer service, training, and customer support to the end user.  This product sells at 30% of its original cost with warranty from Stetco Medical. GET8 can be used in the private office for both cardiac, vascular, and radiology studies at a very attractive price point.

TheQuinton–Q Stress™  is an excellent system for both hospital and private office.  Priced new at about 20% less than the comparable GE product, theQuinton Q-Stress™is especially attractive for the internal medicine or family practice environment.

TheQuinton–Q Stress™is very easy to use with the format moving left to right.  Connectivity is one of the system’s strong suits.  Quinton–Q Stress™supports HL7, EHR, EMR, PDF and PACS as long as they are Dicom™ compatible.   The “Instant Replay “ feature allows the physician or operator to freeze and rewind the study up to 10 seconds. TheQuinton–Q Stress™is an excellent, versatile piece of equipment that allows any practice to step to the forefront of exercise testing.


Quinton-Q Stress


GE Case

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