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New & Refurbished Ultrasound Systems

Stetco Medical sells all the major names in Ultrasound today.  We offer not only the sale of the equipment but the training, and service that goes along with the sales contract.  We work with the vendors that have the particular piece of equipment being sought by the customer.  Before any quotes are released a thorough interview is done with the customer to assess their needs. Although we do stock some inventory, the process involves checking with our vendor partners to ascertain who has the best equipment at the best price.   At Stetco Medical, we try very hard to get our relationship with our buyer off to the right start.

70% of Stetco Medical's product line sold is GE™ Healthcare. GE™, with it's 20 year commitment to PC based True Scan™ technology, really figured out where the market was going.  It revolved around great investment in R&D coming out with yearly breakthroughs in the Cardiology, Radiology and Ob/Gyn markets.   They believe every ultrasound was going to be connected to Pac’s and NAS (Network Storage Devices).  The PC based True Scan™ technology facilitated  this.  They have built on this concept since the mid 1990s.  They also believe that the world was shrinking and developed  the first laptop based PC based systems high end cardiovascular system, the Vivid I²™.

Today GE™ Healthcare is firing on all cylinders.  The product line has great depth and quality, making them the clear market leader in the Radiology and Ob/Gyn.  They are a strong second to Philips™ in the Cardiology market place but gaining ground. 

At Stetco we are authorized to sell both new and used GE™ Ultrasound through a GE™ subdealership. Most equipment sold is usually between 1 and 3 years old.  The newest radiology and cardiology systems are in the Logiq 9™ and Vivid E9™ with XD Clear™ introduced in 2013.  They showcase new advances in compounding and beam forming to create a clean non static image.  The Vivid E9™ and  Logiq 9™ are currently available.  These units were manufactured between the years 2011-2015. 

The Logiq 9™ in Radiology enjoys the same type of success as the Vivid 7 Dimension™ in Cardiology for the private imaging center where performance vs cost is an issue.  The Logiq E™ is a 12 pound portable system that is extremely popular in the imaging center or a hospital lab.  The Logiq E™ has emerged as very popular system for vein mapping, dedicated breast centers, and in specialty medicine such as rheumatology. 

The Vivid 7 Dimension™ 2008-2009 is the most popular equipment sold by Stetco Medical.  This is  a product that was far ahead of its time.  Its 1024 digital channels, quantitative analysis, ease of use with advanced ergonomics, is a trusted medical instrument for the diagnosis of heart disease.   Left Ventricle analysis has given new confidence to the diagnosis of coronary heart disease.  These products with the Echo Pacs™ give the hospital and private office a very scalable and efficient introduction to Cardiac Pacs™.  The Vivid 7 Dimension™ has evolved into a smaller product called the Vivid S6™.  Although the Vivid S6™ has great ergonomics and new probes it does not possess the same penetration at 64 channels as the Vivid 7 Dimension™.   It is great for the private office where space is an issue. The Voluson Series offers both a console solution (Voluson E8 Expert BT12 ™) and portable (Voluson e ™) that will offer state of the art 3D/4D and volume imaging in both a hospital and private office setting.

Siemens™/Acuson™ has one of the best high end systems in the Sequoia 512™ for radiology and cardiology.  Like the GE™Vivid 7™ and Logiq 9™ , it is very relevant still in today’s market place. The Sequoia 512™ combined the best in beam forming technology with ergonomics that forced all the other competitors to play catch up once it was introduced in 1996.  Native Tissue Harmonics™  and Patient Specific Imaging™ adjusted the ultrasound beam based on the specific patient being scanned.

Tissue Harmonic Imaging™ was revolutionary in reducing the noise in the image by listening to the second harmonic signal.  The Multi Hertz™ allowed the operator of the system to increase or decrease the broad band signal based on the part of the anatomy that was being investigated.  The latest version included a 19 inch led monitor with an articulating arm that could shield the light in the exam room.  The system is priced very competitively.   Its reputation precedes itself and is a great system for an existing user or a clinic or internist getting into ultrasound for the first time.

The Philips™ IU22™ and IE33™ are available through Philips™ Diamond Select™ program.  With Diamond Select™, the Philips™ Company tears a used system down and rebuilds it, leaving only the frame intact.  This makes it more affordable to customers who like Philips™ equipment.  I think Philips™ will set a new standard in this business approach. 


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